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Used Cooking Oil (UCO) is a ‘regulated’ waste product and it is a legal requirement of businesses to dispose of their UCO to a licensed collector.

  • Who collects the oil?

    We currently use two collecting agents. Vegetable Oil Management for the Manchester and broader North West region and Wastecare, who have a network of depots across the UK covering Scotland, Wales and the rest of England. They will be wearing branded Vegetable Oil Managment or Wastecare apparel, and will carry photo ID. They will be able to present Booker/Makro vouchers on arrival.

  • How much money do you pay?

    We pay 20p/litre, which equates to £4 for every 20L container, in the form of a voucher which you can spend in Booker/Makro.

    The WasteCare driver will give you the voucher upon collection.

  • How long until my oil gets collected?

    2 weeks (regional exclusions apply).

  • What is the minimum volume that you collect?

    60L. If our collecting agents come out to collect and you have less than 60L you may be subject to a call out charge.

    However, we can get you registered today and then you will just need to call us on 0345 120 4545, select option 2 to book your collection once you have 60L to collect.

  • How do I book my next collection?

    You can either call 0345 120 4545 and select option 2 or you can arrange the collection here >

  • Can you provide me with barrels?

    Vegetable Oil Management provide 60L barrels free of charge however Wastcare require a £14.50 +VAT deposit for their 60L barrels.

    This is a one-time payment that you will get back if you cease to use the service and you return the barrels.

    For future collections Wastcare will swap out the barrels free of charge.

    Most customers put the oil back into the containers that they buy the oil in from Booker/Makro. But it is vital that the containers are fully sealed, have no punctures, are not leaking and have the lid on.

    Our collectors will not collect open, punctured of leaking containers.

  • How do I redeem my vouchers if I use Booker Direct?

    Speak to your delivery manager and ask if the driver can return your rebate voucher to the branch for credit.

  • What documents do I keep to show I have disposed of the oil legally?

    On collection our driver will provide you with the Waste Transfer Note, which is the legal document showing that you are legally disposing of your oil. You must keep this document for 2 years from the collection date.

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